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Every BODY Matters Small Group Online Meets October 7th!

everybodymattersBrake 5 Ladies!

This here is the 1st Small Group Online/Live or recorded that we will begin October 7th. We may be having others on other topics BUT for now we are only beginning with one. Read on your own and come back every 2 weeks and learn from open discussion amongst many women who are growing together.
This has been a mind transforming book for myself over the last few years and really…

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What defines you …

Something I have learned over the years and want to share with those who are having a hard time grasping who they are in Christ. Circumstances, past experiences do NOT define who you are they only strengthen your character & relationship with Christ – that is if you run to Christ in the ‘good’ & ‘bad’ moments – meaning establish & build upon that relationship daily moment by moment. By walking in…

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Undeniable Love



unconditionallovepic“Giving of ourselves first to our spouse 100% may be unheard of in today’s culture BUT in order to defy that culture we must create God’s Culture by allowing God to teach us to die to self. Walking in unconditional love towards our spouse begins by allowing the love of Christ to lead. It may not seem fair, it may feel like a sandpaper scream, and there may be a justified right, BUT walking in…

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Are We Sleepwalking? Part 3

Are We Sleepwalking? Part 3

Are We Sleepwalking?


When we are asleep we allow our souls to rule our emotions, to control our words, and our actions speak loud and clear what is deep on the inside of us that is not of God’s nature.  Our perspective rings true of something that is desolate, dry, and withering away.   God is wanting us to awaken to His truth and light, His freedom and anointing power of…

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Are We Sleepwalking? Part 2

Are We Sleepwalking? Part 2

Are We Sleepwalking?


In order to walk in awareness and live a fully awaken life we must line up our thinking with God and His word.  It is one thing to read the black and white pages; it is another to live, to believe, and to walk in authority.  Isaiah 26:3says, “You will guard him and keep in perfect and constant peace whose mind (both its inclination and its character) is stayed on…

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Are We Sleepwalking? (Part 1)

Are We Sleepwalking? (Part 1)

Are We Sleepwalking? 


As a dream which seems real … Everything that was done that day, thoughts, words said you can’t remember … It is almost like driving to a familiar destination and after you’ve arrived, you can’t remember the drive there.  Sometimes it may feel like we are going through the motions of life without putting much thought into what we are doing. 

Why is this? Whe…

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Meet the Core Team of WONDER 2015

Meet the Core Team of WONDER 2015

We are offering many great opportunities for women to reconnect, build their relationship with Christ, and enjoy a weekend of transparency and rest at WONDER 2015 

Below is the line up of BRAKE-out Sessions for our upcoming conference. Feel free to share this post to spread the word about WONDER 2015 Women’s Conference.

BRAKE 5 WONDER 2015 Conference

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You were made for more ~

You were made for more ~

Woke up this morning to hear my 6-year-old say,“Mommy, you know … dreams can be SCARY!”

How true is that! Yes, baby, dreams can be scary if we look at them through the eyeglass of fear and doubt.  When we allow our thoughts to flow freely without reflecting them upon the promises of God, fear and doubt begin to cloud our view of the journey.

If you are feeling a little like my 6-year-old,“Dr…

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Brake 5 girls ~

This Tuesday will be set aside for prayer for all those who comment or fill out the prayer request form by clicking here. If you are commenting below there is no need to be specific only place your name or the name of those who you are requesting prayer.  More specific requests can be submitted via the form.

In addition to praying for the members of Brake 5 and those who comment…

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