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Are you a Spiritual Junkie?

Are you a Spiritual Junkie?


I was talking with a few friends the other day about the expectations that we have in what God is going to do in the next coming days, months, even years. It got me to contemplate on much of what I believe. I know that many desire the manifestations that God has for us to experience to the point of craving, following after, and searching out. I’ve had the abundant opportunity throughout my life…

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Spring Forward

Spring Forward

It is time …
Time for a new season to spring forth,
Time for new birth – fresh revelation, transformation
Time to become a flourishing tree bearing luscious fruit
Time to soar with life, refreshing truth
Awaken O Spring!
Lay no longer dormant.  Restore my soul -
Alive my heart – ground once frozen – harden upon the surface -
Dawn breaks forth new light melting away fridged…

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You Must Know …

You Must Know . . .

You Must Know …

Your destiny is greater than your current mistakes, present chaotic mess, or habitual sin.  God’s love reaches down into the deepest part of your heart and pulls out the jewel of a person He has created you to be. 

When a person doesn’t believe they are worthy of love they begin to slowly lose hope, self-worth, and the process of self-hatred takes its first step.  Only a…

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